WorshipTraining Program Manual- Download It For Free

Featuring WorshipTraining Posted on March 24, 2011

We are very excited to announce the release of the new WorshipTraining Program Manual for local churches.

We've often been asked the question, "Can you take all your amazing courses and resources, and put them into a plan for us to easily implement in our local church?"

After building our new delivery platform for media and courses, we are now read to unveil it.

You can download a free PDF copy of the Program below to see how it works.


Here's the lowdown:

A Complete Training Plan For Your Church.

Introducing a turn-key program for training every member of your worship ministry.

The WorshipTraining Program is a complete worship training plan for the local church. Powered by WorshipTraining’s online courses and media, your entire worship ministry will now be engaged in an equipping experience that will lift the worship life of your church.

We provide you and your church with a “Personal WorshipTraining Plan” for each member of your worship ministry – including worship leaders, musicians, techs, as well as pastors/leaders and worshippers.

Download The WorshipTraining Program PDF here.

(Register for the Church Plan to get started.)


The WorshipTraining Program is designed to enable a worship leader or worship director to easily begin training with their local church. Working with the Church Plan, this PDF features:

  •  Details on how to present the WorshipTraining Program to worship ministry members
  •  Descriptions of the topics that will be covered in the Program
  • A “Personal WorshipTraining Plan” template for each team member, photocopy-ready
  • A Blank Plan template for customizing the Program