How To Lead Worship Without Being a Rockstar

Featuring Dan Wilt Posted on March 27, 2013

We live in a time, and in a place. In every age, there are common associations with stages (they’re everywhere and they elevate people), up front celebrities (how many of us have our name known by our community, but their names are not always known by us?), and the value of public affirmation (it’s intoxicating to have people like you).

We All Suffer From Value Confusion

Our age is no exception, and with the dawn of great sound systems, lit stages, and ambient visuals – in churches as well as arenas – we can confuse the values the people of our time hold about rock stars and celebrities, with the values we must hold to as worship leaders.

Head On – The Worship Leader/Rock Star Chart

So, even if you think you’ve “been there, done that” on this topic, let’s take a moment to check our hearts. There is nothing inherently wrong with being a hero, standing on a stage, and creating musical magic. People are called to many different things. However, the difference between the “rock star” value system and the “worship leader” value system is massive.

Spelling Out The Difference

The chart is clear. A worship leader headspace recognizes that we are leading a community of faith, through the vehicles of music, art and liturgy. The rock star headspace sees the congregation as an audience to some degree, desires to move people (maybe even in a sacred way) – and yet is ultimately concerned with one’s public persona and fan attraction.

This is not an “either/or” attitude. Have there been times when you have been on one side or the other of the middle line, wrestling with God for attitudes that are formed by Christ rather than by your need for people to value “you and your” music? It’s true. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know you need help your entire life with these inner challenges.

The World Is Full Of Stages

The world is full of stages, and they each mean something to us. How can we keep ourselves on the same wavelength as Jesus as worship leaders? We’ll ask a few questions to help us:
• What is the one core difference between the worship leader and the rock star? 
• What happens when our values go viral?
• How does “the why = the way?” 
• How can the mantra, “You Are There For Them” keep today’s worship leader oriented?

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