Worship Leader Feedback: Dan Collison

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on April 29, 2008

We always love to hear from you.  It is an honor to serve so many thousands of churches and worship leaders all around the world. Here is an encouraging comment from one of our active members, Dan Collison.  He says, “In 17 years of music ministry I have not experienced any worship music resource as valuable and accessible as PraiseCharts. I go to their website every time that I do worship planning because I know their team is working hard to find the best current music and make it available to churches at financially affordable rates. The charts are arranged to sound like the professional recordings, cleanly arranged, and yet organized in such a way that even moderately skilled musicians can successfully play them in worship settings.  In my estimation, there is no better worship music arranging digital download site on the worldwide web.”

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