Worship is a Response

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on June 10, 2008

Worship is: a response in giving worth to God (worth-ship).  Ideal worship is an active authentic response to God, declaring and praising him for who he is according to Scripture, through that we celebrate the life, death, resurrection and the return of Christ, overthrowing the powers of evil.  God is the seeker, we are the responders, and freely worship Him, knowing that He freely loves and receives us.  Worship begins with two words: thank you. An authentic response to God defines worship.  Music and the arts are used when necessary.  Worship is not about the person but about the God who created all things, which have passed and exist. Worship is not about what a person gains from the experience, but what is given to God as a response. What God gives to man through worship is unconditional and by His choosing only. God does not base the amount of grace and/or gifts given to man on the determination of how much He is praised. God has already given grace and every spiritual blessing freely to man, on the account of His righteousness.

Man responds to His holiness, fullness and acts of His righteousness and faithfulness. What man could not do in the flesh, God did by sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit, in that we are justified by faith. God first choose us to become His children and to grow and to walk in the likeness of Jesus through grace. We respond as a result to this calling as articulated by Scripture. Because of His great love we give thanks and offer our bodies as living sacrifices, not dead works (Romans 12:1-2). Perspective comes when we worship. Whether read, prayed, spoken, acknowledged, sung, shouted, visualized, acted or in stillness and silence, all is a response in the context of worship. The responsibility of worship and worship leading is to maintain a biblical approach which upholds sound doctrine and biblical interpretation. Our action of worship is to engage, connect and respond to God through obedience and in joy not in compulsion, according to Scripture (Hos. 6:6).  We are to acknowledge God rightfully by regarding Him in his respective place.

What are some other ways or unexpected instances where God has reveled himself to you, inviting you to respond to Him in worship?

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