He Knows My Name (John 20: 10-18)

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on April 13, 2009

In celebrating the Resurrection Sunday, we find Mary Magdalene and the disciples. They were seeking Jesus in an empty tomb. We read how they were very disturbed to not find the Savior (for He had risen). In Mary's distress, she was questioned by the angel as to why she was crying. In the next moment, the Lord found her. He called to her, "Mary." I imagine that the hearing of her name had to have been one of the most thrilling moments. At the same time, when her name was spoken, she was filled with comfort. Mary responded to the Savior's call as she turned toward him, cried out and held on to Jesus.

What an amazing event! The risen Savior, raised in glory, still with the very people he loved and called them by name. Even in the hour of desperation, our Lord is there. When we are empty, He fills. When we are lost, He finds. When we are lonely, He calls our name. In this holy fellowship with the Father, he initiates and we respond. Just as he called Adam in the Garden and called Abraham to form an everlasting relationship, he calls for us today to respond to His love. God Almighty completed the work of the covenant through Christ. We now have access to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. We now have an incredible joy to go and share this love to all mankind. For those of us who are close are far from Christ, we are never too far from His reach. He still calls us by name, knows our every thought and sees each tear that falls. What an awesome, mighty and unbreakable love we have in Christ. It is a true joy and relief for Him to call us by name. He is Risen!