Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on December 3, 2008

Sad to say, but Church may be the last place to have relational difficulties. The truth: it's more prominent than we realize or would like to admit. Over the past two weeks, I've spoken to many worship leaders who tell me about this concern. A larger concern involves the volunteers in their own ministries. Like you, I hear of problems that spill into rehearsals, meetings and even awkward discussions that take place before worship. Are you kidding me? Well, the reality is, none of us our perfect. In fact, we suffer from the same condition as everyone else: being human. When you put anywhere from 100 to 3,000 in one room, you have that many more opinions and differences. Scary? Maybe. Outcome? Beautiful. Why? We are made in God's fabric of a kaleidoscope of colors and tones, likes and dislikes.

God loves us all the same in our array of contrasts. Why can't we love another just the same? It takes a lifetime for God to hammer out our hearts and minds, that's the beauty in this journey. None of us will have the same preferences and thoughts as the next person. Life would be boring. We can never change a person either. We are only to love one another as in the same love of Christ. Romans 12:16 puts it this way: "Live in harmony with each other. Do not be arrogant, but associate with humble people. Do not think that you are wiser than you really are."

Remember, when we lead worship with our teams, we are making more than just music. We are modeling the love of Christ. We model what it means to be in harmony with one another. We model what it means to be a leader of worship. We model what it means to lay our differences aside, pray, love and accept one another. Besides, did not Christ gird himself with a towel and wash the feet of his disciples. My friends in the same way, He commands us to do likewise.

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