Top 5 Concerns Of Worship Leaders

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on February 18, 2009

We have seen more changes in the contemporary church than at any other time in its history. The role of the worship leader changes over time, demands and pressing concerns and from the differences in facilitating worship to team leadership and staff development. Each of these environments have their own set of challenges, along with many more issues that are not listed. What are the Top 5 concerns you see for worship leaders today?

Branon Dempsey
Worship Team Training

1. Time alone with God.
2. Developing leaders around you.
3. Connecting passion to worship.
4. Be yourself.
5. Do everything as unto the Lord - not man.

Mark Perez
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1. The economy!
2. Transformational style of leadership. Learning to build/pastor a ministry rather than simply manage.
3. Self leadership. Spiritual, personal, and professional development.
4. Resolving conflict biblically.
5. Avoiding fatigue. Finding rest.

Terri Welch
Worship Production Coordinator
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1. Trying to please everyone -- so many different styles of music.
2. Training your team to display passion as they lead worship.
3. Getting pulled this way and that -- pastor wants one thing, congregation wants another...
4. Finding time to do it all -- rehearse, choose songs, etc.
5. Keeping it all centered on God and not just checking the box.

Matthew Peterson
WorshipKitchen / Integrity Music
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1. Good theology in song choice.
2. Rehearsal licensing for legal distribution of music.
3. Proper team training.
4. Connecting with new and good songs.
5. Serving a diverse congregation.

Brian Dunbar
University Music/Theology Professor
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1.  Concerning themselves with SUBSTANCE over style.
2.  Getting beyond "pleasing people" to a place where you can help them grow regardless of how the method fits their preferences.
3.  Quality communication and unity with pastoral (and board) leadership.
4.  Emphasis on worship over music.
5.  Engaging the church to be active participants rather than passive observers.

Tom Kraueter
Worship Pastor/Author/Trainer
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1. Keeping YOUR focus on the Lord.
2. Keeping the worship ministry personnel focused on the Lord.
3. Getting instrumentalists and singers from varying backgrounds to work together harmoniously.
(And I'm not talking about music.)
4. Handling criticisms and critiques from congregation members and from leadership.
5.Keeping the music fresh while keeping the lyrics biblically sound.

Sandy Hoffman
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1.  Maintaining personal worship devotion.
2.  Mentoring and discipling young worship leaders & musicians.
3.  Keeping up with new technology.
4.  Building strong team relationships - even outside of the worship setting.
5.  Writing worship songs which flow from inside the needs of your specific body of believers.

Kevin Pledger
Worship Arts Pastor
PraiseCharts Live Contributor

1.    Be a worshipper yourself through a lifestyle of obedience to God.
2.    Be a leader off the stage as well as on.
3.    Be open to ideas that are not your own (understanding that God speaks through your team too, not just you).
4.    Be proactive in creating a dynamic relationship with your Lead/Senior Pastor.
5.    Be a person of integrity.