To Audition Or Not To Audition?

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on October 14, 2008

There is a question that has been rattling in my brain since last week. You see, a friend of mine is in the process of creating another worship service. Currently, the attendances in both services are at 80%. The consensus was to create a service that was younger and hip, which would help identify to the new growing portions of their demographic.

In order to be different, this added service was going to be more of an alternative rock sound as apart from the 1990's contemporary and the 1920's traditional. The challenge was the selection process of band members and singers who would help create the music/style of this service.

The objective is two-fold: (1.) Auditioning members from both contemporary and traditional teams in order to create a new sound. (2.) Finding/auditioning members from outside the worship ministry and/or church to create a new sound.

The problem: is the auditioning process the best way to go, rather than picking who you want and forming the group? Because of the relational and emotional ties in the current teams, my friend explained that he was cautious in the following concerns: those who are loyal and may feel that their toes were getting stepped on; those who may experience hurt feelings if they are not chosen; those who may fear rejection because they are inferior to auditions; and those who may form the perception that the chosen group is for the elite.

If this were you, how would you handle these concerns?

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