These Simple Truths Album Review

Featuring Sidewalk Prophets Posted on May 10, 2010

These Simple Truths is Sidewalk Prophets' major label debut. These guys are no newcomers to the music scene though having first met nearly a decade ago at Anderson University in Indiana.

For this release the band also called on the talents of Dove Award winning 'Producer of the Year', Ian Eskelin (Stellar Kart, Francesca Battistelli, Sarah Reeves) to help make sure that everything was just right on the technical side of this project.

While the band's music isn't worship in style their songs have a big worship aspect that's found on them. These guys are so much in love with the Lord that they've can't help but sing praises to Him with their music.

Much like a bright beaming light from a lighthouse guides a ship safely to port on a damp foggy night Sidewalk Prophets songs offer up messages of hope and forgiveness to help get people back on track. They achieve this with the simple, yet powerful truth that’s found in their music, that Jesus has already served the sentence for your sins and to have Him in your life all you need to do is ask.

The main thing that kept sticking out to me as I listened to the songs found on this release was the real passion that flows through them. The songs' lyrics are much more than just mere words, they are like little bits of faith filled wisdom .

I also liked the bands use of building guitar and drum intros that's found on several of the songs, that helped to get things jump started and off to a fast start.

Highlight tracks for me on These Simple Truths include, "The Words I Would Say," which is also the first single from the release. The song talks about not being able to sleep and getting up at 3 AM in the morning and writing down on a notepad your most honest thoughts. The song also talks about never giving up hope and not settling for living a life that's filled with fear.  "Give It All Away," is a track filled with powerful lyrics that talk about falling into the trap of living a 'comfortable faith life.' And the need to keep your heart filled with love and compassion in service towards helping others.

Whether you like your music up tempo in the pop/rock vein, or piano driven and melodic, you'll be very satisfied after listening to the music that's found on These Simple Truths.


Style: Pop, Rock


1.   Just Might Change Your Life
2.   Show Me How to Love
3.   You Can Have Me
4.   The Words I Would Say
5.   Moving All the While
6.   For What It's Worth
7.   You Love Me Anyway
8.   All Things New
9.   You Will Never Leave Me
10. Give It All Away
11. Lay Down My Life

Favorite Songs: "Just Might Change Your Life ", "The Words I Would Say", "Give It All Away", "Lay Down My Life"

Overall:  8.5 out of 10