Album Review: "Here For You"

Featuring The Worship Community Posted on March 19, 2011

Recorded in January 2011 and released in March 2011, this live recording brings us a new crop of Passion songs that are singable and very congregationally friendly. Anchored by Chris Tomlin (half the songs on the recording), we also hear from Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, and the David Crowder Band.

If you’re a fan of Passion you’ll probably find a use for every song on the project.

Here For You (Tomlin): Tempo – Moderate. Themes – Call To Worship, Commitment & Dedication. The opening track on this album has a simple, catchy and somewhat familiar feel to it. This is what makes most of Tomlin’s songs so usable in a corporate worship setting. The unison “power chorus” gives it a big crowd feel. I’d definitely incorporate this into a worship gathering. Mark 9:37.

Symphony (Tomlin): Tempo – Moderate. Themes – Adoration & Praise, Faith & Trust. Continuing the simple, playable feel, Tomlin seems to have a knack for crafting singable, accessible songs that are still poetic and thought provoking. This is probably one of my favorite chorus melodies on the project. Very useful for corporate worship. Isaiah 29:23, Psalm 33:8.

Waiting Here For You (Knockels): Tempo – Slow/Moderate. Themes – Prayer & Renewal, Adoration & Praise. Driven by the piano, this song showcases Christy Knockels. If you’ve got a strong female lead vocal on your team, this would be a great mid-set song. Builds in intensity as the song progresses. Hebrews 9:26.

All My Fountains (Tomlin): Tempo – Fast/Moderate. Themes – Adoration & Praise, Faith & Trust. Driven by a finger picked groove that could be translated to a dulcimer. Has a very catchy groove that might be hard to duplicate for smaller, less skilled worship teams. The chorus is singable and has a catchy hook. Psalm 87:6-7

Shadows (Crowder & LeCrae): Tempo – Fast/Electronic/Hip Hop Groove. Themes – Peace & Hope, Faith & Trust. The David Crowder band is known for its loops and electronic elements. This song features more of that while using live drums as well. Also features rap artist, LeCrae. Most churches will find it hard to incorporate rap elements into their corporate singing, but if you’re willing to experiment and your church is diverse and open to hip hop it could work. Could be arranged for corporate singing without the rap elements (but I’d give it a shot WITH the rap!). Psalm 46:2.

Lord, I Need You (Tomlin): Tempo – Slow. Theme – Prayer & Renewal, Commitment & Dedication, God’s Attributes. Finger picked guitar opens this slower song up. With a nod to the old hymn, I Need Thee Every Hour, this modern hymn brings a more traditional feel to the mix. Recommended for congregational singing. Hebrews 4:16.

Set Free (Tomlin & Redman): Tempo – Fast/Driving. Themes – Adoration & Praise. With a modern rock groove. This has more of a college/youth age feel, but could be adapted for adult congregations as well, especially those who lean more towards an edgy rock sound normally. John 8:36, Psalm 119:45.

Forever Reign (Stanfill): Tempo – Moderate/Driving. Themes – Adoration & Praise, God’s Attributes, Grace & Mercy. This song was written by Reuben Morgan (Hillsong) and Jason Ingram. Will adapt easily for congregational worship. Lamentations 5:19, Isaiah 9:7.

Sometimes (Crowder): Tempo – Slow/Moderate. Themes – Grace & Mercy, Peace & Hope. This song is very Crowder-esque. Fans of Crowder will find it usable in congregational worship, others might have to work a little harder to arrange it for corporate worship. Could work well as a special response/commitment song. Acts 20:24.

Always (Stanfill): Tempo – Slow/Moderate/Driving. Themes – Faith & Trust, Suffering & Trials. A great song about God being faithful and true. Will work in a congregational setting. Psalm 121:1-2.

Carry Your Name (Knockels): Tempo – Slow. Themes – Commitment & Dedication, Jesus. Christy Knockels shines again on this song (wish we’d heard more from her). Again, a good strong female lead will carry this song. The verses aren’t super singable corporately, but the chorus is very singable and memorable so I’d put this one in the congregational category. John 15:13.

Spirit Fall (Tomlin): Tempo – Slow/Moderate/Eventually Driving. Themes – God’s Attributes, Peace & Hope, Holy Spirit. Simple. Singable. Builds into an almost U2 feel. This is definitely a “chorus” that I’d use in a corporate prayer and worship service or at the end of a worship set that might move into more of a free, spontaneous time of worship. Luke 3:16.

Overall, a great new project from the Passion crew.