Teach Us To Pray: Asking God Questions

Featuring Branon Dempsey Posted on August 25, 2008

Our pastor yesterday discussed the important role of asking God questions. Why is this important? Because asking questions compels us to dig deeper in our understanding of God. Whether if we are distraught, in need, in confusion or in need of direction. This morning I applied this truth to prayer, mainly asking God to teach me about prayer. Communication with God is where we interact with Him between the Word and life. I was struck by the words from the disciple in Luke 11:1 "Lord, teach us to pray..."

What a powerful question/statement to Jesus, if you think about it, the disciple seeing Jesus praying to God.  Knowing that the Messiah not only has direct access to the Father, but literally can ask Almighty God anything he desires. The disciple, standing there in anticipation, could have asked Jesus for anything.  He had the opportunity to bring some specific need to Jesus or to really corner Him into a self-ambitious dialogue or self pity. Instead, he presented to Jesus a statement that inferred a basic question: Lord, teach us to pray.

My guess is that the disciple would find the answers of his deepest needs, like Mary, choosing the one thing that is most important, coming to Jesus alone. When was the last time you came to Jesus alone. without need, without worry, without issues? Our concerns are necessary and right to bring, but in the beginning there is God. When we come to Him alone, we find all we need in the purest form of who He is, Emmanuel, God with us.