Submitting Your Profile to PraiseCharts

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on May 10, 2010

Your profile in PraiseCharts becomes a central hub around which we can build a world of related blog and song content.  Once created, you will find your profile at, creating a magnet for traffic coming from inside and outside PraiseCharts.  Every blog post you have listed in PraiseCharts will feature your profile panel on the left margin, complete with your picture, bio, contact info, related songs and blogs, as well as key links.  You can see my own profile on the left as an example of what yours can be.  To make this happen, please provide as much content below as you can.  This form will be submitted to Victoria Keen, our Content Manager.  She will build your profile, and then upload any relevant articles or blogs that you want to post.  To submit a blog, please use our Blog Submission Form.