Set the Believers Example in Faith

Featuring Bob Kauflin Posted on February 27, 2010


Every Sunday morning I'm seeking to point people to God. My role isn't to direct people's eyes to me, but to the God in whom I trust. The primary way I do that is by making sure I'm looking to God myself.

For me to effectively lead others in worship, I need to exude a steadfast confidence in God and his promises. That doesn't mean I make presumptuous statements and never experience trials. It simply means I'm always seeking to grow in my trust in God. I'm not content to sing “Blessed Be Your Name” onSunday and doubt the power and goodness of that name on Monday.

A lack of faith reveals itself in different ways. Do you regularly find yourself battling thoughts of discouragement and despair? Do you doubt God is goingto be actively present as you gather on Sunday? Do you lose sleep over your finances or your future?

If faith means believing that God “exists and . . . rewards those who seekhim” (Hebrews 11:6), we should bring those convictions not only into ourworship leading but into every area of our lives.

In our consistent pursuit of faith and our constant practice of faith, God wants us to set an example for the church. 


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