Ryan Dahl Picks Miraculum As His Christmas Favorite

Featuring Lincoln Brewster Posted on December 14, 2012

We wouldn't be here with out Ryan Dahl! Ryan is the "man with the plan". Our Chief Creative Officer brings brains and ingenuity to PraiseCharts. Ryan's favorite Christmas song of the year just happens to be number 6 on the top 25 Christmas Worship songs of 2012, Lincoln Brewster's Miraculum. This is one of the hottest Christmas instrumental pieces and we have a full range of products available for download! Ryan explains..."Miraculum defied my impulse as I first listen to Lincoln Brewster's new Christmas album. No church is going to be able to pull that off, I thought to myself.  I was wrong - so wrong. Requests started coming in the day we released the album. That ws the only song we hadn't charted. I obliged the few initial requests and gave the song to one of our arrangers. More requests came in, and then  I realized - churches want to play this song. They have musicians that want to dig deep, learn the parts, and present a tremendous instrumental piece this Christmas. within a week, Miraculum was reigning as the number one song in PraiseCharts, out of more than 8000 songs. It is so different, on so many levels. I love it!