Rend Collective Experiment Build Your Kingdom Here Video

Featuring Rend Collective Posted on September 20, 2012

Internationally known for its imaginative music videos, the song is from the band’s five-star acclaimed sophomore album, Homemade Worship By Handmade People, released earlier this year. 

Filmed on location in Ireland in Rend Collective’s unique style, this ambitious video is a carnival of color, diversity and energy.

It encapsulates everything from a duo of fire-breathers to a fully uniformed military brass section, from a pair of stilt-walking jugglers to a live horse, and more. Rend Collective’s now trademark expression of joy and vitality is once again displayed with kaleidoscopic visuals while simultaneously reflecting a poignant message for the church.

“We wanted to communicate something of the truth that the Kingdom of God is an inclusive, welcoming and diverse community - there are no outsiders; we are the church,” says Rend Collective vocalist Chris Llewellyn. “It’s significant politically for us that the video is filmed half in the North and half in the South of Ireland, given our history of conflict. We think it’s a beautiful picture of unity.”

The foot-stomping revivalist hymn at the core of the video has become an overwhelming fan favorite on this Irish band’s extensive global tour. “Build Your Kingdom Here” has been performed by Rend Collective in stadiums on The Rock and Worship Roadshow in the US with Mercy Me, Lecrae and Tenth Avenue North, at sold out headline “album launch” concerts in the UK and at ministry events with Francis Chan, Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo. The band’s schedule has also included significant appearances at Soul Survivor, Greenbelt and Big Church Day Out in the UK, and an appearance on BBC’s “Songs of Praise.”


A movement of 20-somethings that began in Ireland and spread across Europe before hitting the Americas, Rend Collective Experiment’s Homemade Worship By Handmade People was recorded and produced by the band in Irish church halls and homes in its organic, collective style and fusing a depth of sung theology and fresh melodies that reflect themes of redemption, devotion and celebration. calls the album “one of the top worship albums ever made” as Worship Leader says the band “finds the balance between a beautifully intimate offering and a celebration parading down the streets” and proclaims “they glow with pure joy…Once you get caught in the swell of their stomping, rollicking music, no doubt you'll do the same.” CCM says “Rend is a fresh, singable take on modern worship” as calls it “a celebration of life” in its five-star review. Andy Chrisman (Worship with Andy Chrisman) says, “Their infectious music infuses a sense of joy and excitement.”

For Rend Collective, the music has never been about adding to their coffers or building fame, it has always been about people and building God’s Kingdom here. Beginning as a group of friends collectively wondering how to make sense of the conundrum of life, God and community, Rend Collective Experiment is a nod to the places in Scripture where it says to “rend your hearts” and not your garments, a bold call to be genuine.