PraiseCharts Earns 5 Stars In The Ultimate Worship Resource Guide

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on July 11, 2011

PraiseCharts is a fan of Kim Gentes, and Kim Gentes is a fan of PraiseCharts.  Our relationship spans more than 10 years, when Kim had his focus on developing WorshipMusic.com (now part of ChristianBook.com).  Kim has always been both a student and teacher of worship music, media and ministry.  His blog carries a regular testimony to his ongoing fascination with worship ministry.

This month, Kim released his first book entitled, 2011 Ultimate Worship Resource Guide: Songs & Media Edition.  We were honored to have both PraiseCharts and WorshipVue featured in the book.  Out of the entire book, only 10 resources received the coveted 5-star rating. (WorshipVue trailed at a 4-star rating – better luck next year).  To find out what other sites got the 5-star rating along with PraiseCharts, you’ll have to buy the book!  The book will be well worth your investment.  The last 15 years has brought an onslaught of websites, books, blogs and resources.  Most have come and gone.  Many that have stayed are either stagnant, or wavering in their quality.  Kim’s editorial eye will help you navigate through all that.

Worship leaders hate to waste time.  This book may be an interesting read, but ultimately it is about saving you time.  Time that you can spend with your team, your wife, your kids, or with God himself!  Here are some of the sections covered by the book:

  • Where to find new songs: search and discover
  • Where to acquire songs: online access and purchase
  • Music instructional resources for song learning
  • Video and image media sources
  • And lots more …

Kim has already set up a website to go along with the book at www.ultimateworshipresourceguide.com.  As a bonus, there is a special password protected section of the site exclusive to owners of the book.  Here’s a little tip (don’t tell Kim I told you this).  If you want to know how to access the exclusive section of the site — after you buy the book — turn to page 153.  That’s where you’ll find the secret code.