PraiseCharts Community Discussion: Worship Leader Week

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on July 21, 2008

Greetings Worship Leaders and Worship Teams:

This week is Worship Leader Week. Below you will find worship reflections by our own PraiseCharts contributors to inspire your week in worship leading.

Words of Inspiration from our PraiseCharts contributors and artists (Read & Comment).
What has God spoken into your heart that is most "critical" to worship leading?

Cory Alstad - PraiseCharts contributor, Worship Pastor:
"This week, God put the word 're-awaken' in my heart.  I thought of a book that I've been reading, where our hero and his friends are on a great journey and they find themselves in a forest. They hear some beautiful, enchanting music and are slowly lulled into a dreamless, comatose state.  The hero wakes up in alarm and discovers that it's a trap by the enemy and they're now ensnared by him. Fortunately they cry out for help and are rescued eventually. 

I felt like God was saying that it's very easy in our culture to be 'lulled' into a sleepy kind of stupor - enjoying what we have, and being satisfied with just existing in that.  And that it can become a trap in which we find ourselves ensnared. But he wants SO much more for us.  His kingdom is advancing and we're invited to be active participants.  And of course, it's not a kingdom like any earthly kingdom - in fact in a lot of ways it's the opposite.  But, my prayer this last week was "God, re-awaken me to what you're doing in this world and what you want me to be about.""

Dan Collison - PraiseCharts contributor, Worship Arts Pastor:
"Worship is intended by God to engage and involve the entire congregation for the entire worship experience...what did I plan that accomplished this...and where did I miss the mark? Those self evaluating questions are abrasive but important for us to ask as worship leaders. For me and this past weekend I believe that our worship hit the mark when there was good interaction between music, drama and the sermon. People appeared 'plugged in'. However, during the music specials the service began to feel a little more like worship entertainment than worship engagement. The congregation was less responsive and engaged. I need to think about the music specials in such a way that they ask more of the congregation....and work with my worship teams to interact more effectively with the congregation in such a way that keeps them more engaged in worship."

Kevin Pledger - PraiseCharts contributor, Worship Pastor/Songwriter:
"To worship in the middle of a trial takes your focus off of you and the mountains you face. By changing the focus from you to Christ, you reduce your stress and worry levels. This allows the healing power of God to come in and strengthen you and encourage you. Worship no matter your circumstance!"

Terri Welch - PraiseCharts contributor, Worship Production Coordinator:
"Fervency in worship leading."

Bob Kauflin - PraiseCharts contributor, Worship Pastor:
"I only lead corporate worship in my church about twice a month. This past week I had the joy of being led by a group of younger musicians who were leading on Sunday for the first time. They did a great job leading us to magnify God’s greatness in Jesus Christ. Years ago the keyboard player and leader were part of a worship leading discipleship class I led. I was reminded that it’s critical for leaders and musicians to always be thinking about who they can train to replace them. Because that day is coming a lot sooner than we think. May we make the transition with joy, gratefulness, and humility."

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