Now You Can Edit Chord Charts In Two Ways - Take Your Pick!

Posted on December 10, 2015

There are several advantages to having our PraiseCharts created chord charts. You can change to any key, add a capo, download in one or two column, and you can edit the charts to match your own unique arrangement. Now you can edit our chord charts in one of two ways: chords-over-words, or chordpro. Chords over words is very simple to understand, but it can be a little harder to tweak the layout with how the lines break.  Chordpro might look more complicated, but it's actually quite easy.  With chordpro, you are just putting the chords before the words (or syllables) inside square brackets. Either way, now you can take your pick!  

The one thing to remember is that our system can only handle specific things on each line.  Chord lines are for chords.  Lyric lines are for lyrics.  Section header lines are for section headers.  If you get to creative with entering all your own personal notes, you might break the code, and end up with a wonky looking chart.  If you do want to add some musician notes to your chart, just put them inside round brackets on a separate line.  That should keep you out of trouble.  See below for visual examples of the difference between chords-over-words and chordpro.  Happy charting!

Chords Over Words

chords over words sample


chordpro sample

How To Access The Edit Mode

After you purchase a chord chart, you'll notice an "Edit" button.  Click on that to enter the Edit Mode.  Then, when you are done, you can simply click Exit. If you make a bunch of changes to the chart that get out of hand, you can easily get back to the public original version by clicking "Revert".  Easy as pie!

edit mode