Nominees For the Duncan Africa Guitar Give-A-Way (Part 5)

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on January 12, 2014

Continuing our blog series that features hundreds of nominees for the Duncan African guitar give-a-way, these words give a testimony that honors many worship leaders and musicians who are giving their lives and gifts to others. All of these people were certainly deserving of the guitar, though only one person could win. Thanks to all who participated.

Debbie gives so much of her time playing in our praise band, going with her dad to jam in the bluegrass shack and leading our picker group that being able to present her with this beautiful guitar would be great. She is just a wonderful musician and friend. ~ Gail Jorgensen, for Debbie Gelormine

I am nominating my Dad to win this guitar. I believe that he should win because he is the reason I play guitar. My parents bought my first guitar and I haven’t stopped playing since. My dad currently owns an acoustic guitar that is wearing out, and can’t seem to stay in tune; he has talked about buying a new one, but with 4 kids, the money isn’t there for one. This is why I believe my Dad deserves to win, my love of music and guitars would have never started without him. ~ Ryan Gallagher, for Alan Gallagher

I have been studying guitar under Denver for nearly a year now he loves music almost to a fault, but loves his family even more. As a result he often sacrifices more sought after instruments in favor of making do with. If anyone would appreciate a good guitar it would be Denver. When he handles my guitar he is obviously careful and appreciates good music. I could not have found a better instructor. ~ Gary Stolowski, for Denver Shoup

Branden is lead singer and guitarist for our small church in Ky. He is very dedicated, sincere, and genuinely loves the Lord. He gives so much of himself as well as having a full time job. Leading Praise & Worship is his passion and we are so very fortunate to have him. ~ Shirley Gillespie, for Branden Clemmons

Bill Rann has a big heart for Jesus and to serve him. I've had the privilege of serving with Bill and leading him for over 13 years. Years ago Bill picked up the electric guitar because we needed one and NOT because he enjoyed it. I've seen him grow as an artist and musician over the years. His attitude is I'll do whatever it takes and whatever is needed. The last 3+ years have been very difficult for Bill with repeated health issues. He lives in chronic pain without complaining. To top it off, Bill lost his job this past year after people sought to destroy his job, his character and integrity after Bill stood up for some wrong done at work. Bill's faith and positive attitude have not wavered. He has been a role model of faith and perseverance in adversity and difficulty and has always been a model and challenged me in his passion for Jesus and sharing his faith with others and modeling 1 Peter 3:14-16. This guitar would be an incredible gift of music and encouragement to him of God's goodness and faithfulness. ~ Glenn Rupert, for Bill Rann

Eric is a super talent singer songwriter. He has a great love for Africa (he also has two brother who were adopted from Ethiopia). He's been a big influence in my own writing. He wants to give his life away (he's already given me half his furniture) to help people see the changing power of Jesus in his life, especially those struggling with addiction. He's a gifted story teller and would spread the word well about what Duncan Africa is doing through building these guitars and building the community. ~ Joe Cook, for Eric Angus Whyte

Ian has been faithful worship leader in our church since it's inception in the late 1970's. He has a good old Takamine that has been as faithful and reliable as him. Over the years Ian has become a guitar shop worrier spending no end of time playing and drooling over guitars that are way beyond his means. He retired from his job as an accountant last year and was devoting even more time to his instrument and worship leading. Recently Ian suffered a heart attack and is in recovery at this time. He has received good medical care and is taking a sensible amount of time to recuperate. I know he would be so blessed to receive this guitar especially as it is made in Uganda and over the years we as a church have supported several individuals and missions in Uganda. Ian is one of the many 'hidden' worship leaders all around the world who do it all for Jesus. It would also be a blessing to all those guitar shop owners who must think of Ian as a kind of eternal shopper, always looking but never buying! ~ Graham Holder, for Ian Hancock

I would like to nominate my husband, Grant, to win this lovely guitar. He leads worship at our small local church, and works hard to support our family of seven children. He taught himself to play the guitar and uses it at beach missions and boys' brigade. He would be greatly encouraged to win such a fabulous guitar. ~ Vicki Woolston, for Grant Woolston

I am nominating my husband, Joel Newsham to win the guitar. Joel is a music teacher for K - 5th grade at a local elementary school. He works so hard to make music educational & entertaining for the students. He provides before school activities & concerts throughout the year. The parents love him (and so do his students). Joel also helps with the worship/praise team at our church. He loves every instruments & would love to learn to play them all. I know this guitar would give him a boost when he's feeling low. ~ Stephanie Newsham, for Joel Newsham

Brian is an amazing worship leader in my church. He has such a joyful spirit and truly cares for his praise team. He doesn't own a really nice guitar and would benefit from the one your offering. Brian is also trying to pursue a full or part time music career outside of church. I believe he is very worthy of this fine gift. A humble follower he is! ~ Hank Lea, for Brian Day

My husband is the worship leader/ music director at our church and he plays guitar and bass and a few other string instruments. I am very proud of the work he has done leading worship, organizing worship teams, teaching lessons, directing a pep band at a local university, playing in the pit for a musical, volunteering to help with a program called Kids Hope and many other things. He is in the process right now of composing and arranging songs for a cd to use as a fundraiser for his missions trip to Africa where he will be able to meet the child we sponsor. I know he would be very grateful for this guitar and would use it for all the many musical endeavors he sets his mind to do:) ~ Holly Heddens, for Jared Heddens

Lloyd is a faithful volunteer in the church where I serve as the Worship Director. He is a very selfless person, playing music for us twice a week plus rehearsals. He is also a wonderful friend. I can always count on him to be prepared, and also for a laugh. I am grateful for him and his contributions to the ministries at Restoration Church. Aside from this, he is a phenomenal guitar player. He plays jazz, rock, country, and all at a studio musician quality level. He has been on several recordings and gigs regularly. This guitar would be well-loved. I hope you consider him for this giveaway. Thank you. ~ Joshua Honken, for Lloyd Rainey

Lucas is my son and he is a sophomore in college at UCO in Edmond, OK. He is a communications major and feels called into the ministry. He is a very talented musician and plays keyboard and percussion in our worship band at our church, we need a guitarist and he is willing to learn and this would be a great opportunity for him to do so. This would go on to propel him to be a better youth minister or children's minister or whatever type of ministry God has called him into. Thank you for considering Lucas for this fabulous guitar. ~ Steven Lunsford, for Lucas Lunsford

Eckhard is the pastor of our parish. He's a hard working, music loving (and guitar, trombone and bass playing) pastor. He is playing bass or guitar during every service and, a guitar player myself, I would like to hear the sound of the guitar during our sunday services. ~ Markus Galla, for Eckhard Cramer


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