New Format For Chord Charts

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on May 15, 2011

We are beginning a major transition in how we deliver chord charts from PraiseCharts.  In a few months, we plan to roll out a dynamic chord chart engine inside PraiseCharts that is unprecedented in its capacity.  You will be able to export any chart in any key, any format, any capo, any stringed instrument, with or without chords, and a long list of other options.  Major music publishers and world-class band members have previewed this custom chord chart system, saying they have never seen anything like it.

We plan to roll out the new system in phases.  Currently, we are editing nearly 1000 existing charts to fit with the new design template.  Because we are no longer using our old system, we are going to start rolling out PDF versions of new and top songs.  Every new chord chart created by PraiseCharts will be available in all 12 keys.  The new template features a number of practical changes:

  1. Bigger Font - easier to read in low light on stage
  2. Single Column - with the bigger font, we decided to go with wider lyric lines in a single column.
  3. Top to Bottom Flow - charts are accurate and easy to follow, moving from top to bottom. 
  4. Song Map - quickly spot the entire flow of the song from the song map, indicated on the bottom of every page.

When we launch the dynamic version of this new chord chart engine, you will never want to get a chord chart from somewhere else again.  Anything you buy now will apply to the new system as soon as it is ready.  Stay tuned.  We are taking a major leap forward.

Download a sample of the new chord chart format here.