New Chart Format Introduces Labeling Song Sections With Sequential Numbers

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on February 18, 2014

After some discussion with our arrangers, we have decided to introduce an adjustment in how we label song sections in our charts.  Until now, we have been numbering the song sections so that Verse was always "1", Chorus was always "2", Bridge was always "3", etc.  When there were multiple verses, we would label them as "1a - Verse, 1b - Verse" etc.  In an effort to make the charts more intuitive, we have decided to adopt sequential numbering of the song sections.  Now, you will start to see sections labeled as follows: "1 - Verse, 2 - Chorus, 3 - Verse, 4 - Bridge, 5 - Tag, etc."  In other words, each new section that is labeled will have the next sequential number.  

You can use these section labels to easily point your band to a particular point in the song.  Keep in mind that musicians who are using Chord Charts will not have the same sequential numbers, even though they have the same labels.  The reason is that Chord Charts are able to consolidate duplicate sections more than Lead Sheets.  Therefore, you might have three sections of the "Verse" in the Lead Sheet, and only two sections in the Chord Chart.

Below is an example of this new format for our Lead Sheets.  Slowly, we will be converting our most popular charts to this new format.  If you have any thoughts or questions, please let us know in the comments below.

Chart Example 1

Chart Example 2