More Thoughts From Break Forth 2011

Featuring Dan Wilt Posted on January 31, 2011



I just returned from an excellent conference trip to Break Forth 2011. There are hundreds of new friends joining us at WorshipTraining from our classes, and we extend a warm welcome their way.


I think my favorite moment of the entire event was when I was introducing myself as an American, who became a Canadian citizen and lived in Canada for 20 years. As we were in Edmonton, spontaneous applause erupted in the room, and we basked for a moment in the unspoken but shared knowledge that the Edmonton Oilers are a hockey team and not a fuel company.


Then, I went on to describe the moment when I happily pledged my allegiance to the queen in my Canadian citizenship ceremony (while my wife, a true American, stumbled over the words). "Yes," I said. "I was happy to commit myself to helping that little old lady through her latter years." Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all.


I'm very excited about our growing community of thousands of "lifelong learners," all involved in worship ministry in their local church, at WorshipTraining. It goes without saying that it is a gift to interact with so many servant-hearted, sacrificial, committed leaders across such a broad spectrum of the church.


It was also a gift, during this event, to spend time with a few friends (new and old), and even some heroes (who are sometimes among my friends). Steve Bell, artist, worship leader, songwriter and thoughtful steward of the worship life of a local church, sat down with me for about 30 minutes to contribute to WorshipTraining. James Bryan Smith, author, co-author with Richard Foster, and professor at Friends College was on my van ride to the airport, along with Todd Hunter (Anglican Bishop and former National Director for the Vineyard movement in the US), and Don Everts (author, communicator and Presbyterian pastor).


Pals Brian Doerksen (and my great friends in his band), Paul Baloche and Joel Auge led rich times of worship, and personal friends and heroes Kim Gentes and Jeremy Dunn graced our times with the wisdom and insight so common to every conversation I have with them.


It was good to see the worship ministries and leaders of local churches being equipped. It was great to be able to point all of them to WorshipTraining, most of them for the first time.


What WorshipTraining is, is exactly what is needed. It remains a privilege to spread the word - and we would love your help.


Just let your friends, fellow worship leaders in your town or city, and wider denominational connections, know about the service we've built at WorshipTraining. Point them to get the Free Account, and we can take it from there and begin to encourage their worship life.


Cheers, and thanks for joining in the learning at WorshipTraining,




Learning Director