More Beautiful You Album Review

Featuring Jonny Diaz Posted on June 1, 2010

Unless you've been living in a cave, and cut off completely from civilization you've probably been hearing the hit single and title track, "More Beautiful You," from artist Jonny Diaz's latest release.  "More Beautiful You," is one of those special songs that transcends music and has a real effect on people's lives. The song deals with true inner beauty and has really helped to empower young girls and women into realizing that their much more than just a body.

I was surprised in reading Diaz's bio. that he was planning on being an athlete, having gone to Florida State University on a baseball scholarship in the fall of 2002. He was the 4th of 4 brothers to attend college on baseball scholarships, with two of his brothers have played ball at the professional level.

God had a different road picked out for Jonny though and in 2003 he released his debut album, Shades of White. He followed that up with, Everyday God, during his senior year of college. Jonny then traveled to Nashville to record with producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay, Bebo Norman), They Need Love in 2007.
More Beautiful You is Jonny Diaz's label debut and is found on INO records. When a release has such a popular hit like, "More Beautiful You," often the rest of the songs found on it prove to be disappointing but I can tell you that wasn't the case with this album. While none of the songs can compete with "More Beautiful You," I thoroughly enjoyed all of the songs found on this release.
Several of the songs that stood out for me were, "Stand for You," a light flowing pop song with lyrics that talk about taking a stand for the truth. Standing up against those who try to cover up the truth about God. The song talks about how selfish it would be to not want to tell the whole world about the love of Jesus.
"Love Like You Loved" was an interesting song with an island music vibe found on it. The song talks about the many different views in the world but that there can only be one real truth. The song also talks about having a God like loving heart.

The releases last, bonus track, "The Opener" is a nice acoustic guitar lead song that offers up a tongue-in-check look at the life of an opening act musician. The song also features some really nice whistling that's found on it.

With More Beautiful You, Jonny Diaz offers up a nice selection of well crafted pop songs that will appeal to fans of artist like, Aaron Shust and Brandon Heath.


Style: Pop


1 More Beautiful You
2 Soon Will Fade
3 Stand For You
4 Love Like You Loved
5 One Thing
6 Nashville
7 Waiting Room
8 Prodigal Like Me
9 What I'm Waiting For
10 See the Wind
11 The Opener (Bonus Track)

Favorite Songs: More Beautiful You, Stand for You, What I'm Waiting For

Overall:  8.7 out of 10