Keys To Music Publishing In The Church - Webinar with Hillsong's Steve McPherson (Part 1)

Featuring Ryan Dahl Posted on June 17, 2014

In the last 20 years, thousands of churches all around the world have embarked into world of song writing and album recording. Worship music has become an established genre of Christian music. Those in the music industry are well prepared to handle all the complexity of song ownership, licensing and publishing. Many churches, however, find themselves in an unfamiliar landscape with unexpected complexities.

Hillsong Church was one of the first churches introduce worship songs on a world stage, with their songs being translated in dozens of languages and heard in congregations all over the world. Steve McPherson has been there from the very early years, serving now as the managing director of all things music publishing at Hillsong.

For many years, Steve and I have shared a growing friendship, as we travel parallel journeys of life in the world of music publishing, worship music, marriage, and raising a family of teenagers. I’m thrilled to have Steve join me from his office in Sydney, Australia as we delve into a long list of very practical questions that can help churches grapple with the complexities of music publishing.

Ryan Dahl


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