"Just Be With Me" Lyrics And Song Story

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on May 11, 2011


Just Be With Me

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan

Received on May 10, 2011


Many things went into the birth of this song. Watching my children grow up and go on with their lives brings obvious change. I love this change and I love the new dimensions of family life with each new phase of the journeys my children embark on…and I love the added coloring of the tapestry of our family each new child-by-marriage brings to our ranks. Coupled with that rich familial reality is the reality of the consequences of my story of redemption. It is not a fun or popular or financially profitable ride on which I find myself due to my deliverance from something the world says one cannot be free from. It seems people should be glad when one announces they have been redeemed – regardless of what that redemption is from – but the obvious reason so much of the world attacks me is that my very existence flies in the face of those who have simply accepted their bondage as their true identity. I get that. During the two days of birthing this song required, I was confronted with very strong and accusing words from others. It seems the enemy knows right where to hit me…always below the belt. I am a man of mercy. When others feel hurt, I feel hurt. When others feel joy, I feel joy. The enemy attacks me harshly in this part of my identity. Just this week I have been told ‘You are believing a lie. You are truly a homosexual and you are simply denying your true identity’…‘You are doing so much damage to people by telling them they can be free from something they do not require freedom from’…‘It’s such a shame that you will inevitably bring harm to your wife and to the children you have created when your life reverts back to its true homosexual state’…‘You have blood on your hands…’ When I am accused of hurting others – especially my family - I always feel knocked back for a little while because that is the last thing I hope to do. I am always brought back to the place of peace by simply acknowledging God’s presence with me. In that place He gently reminds me of my own experience with Him…the freedom…the hope…the rich treasure of my family that will be there after everything else fades away. I cannot change my past and I refuse to alter my story of redemption for the world’s politically correct consumption. Whether I live or whether I die, I am the Lord’s…and knowing Him has been worth all the struggle my freedom has cost me. My favorite line of this song says it all. “I need the peace of knowing the joy of being known.”

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