Joseph by Don Poythress

Featuring Don Poythress Posted on December 14, 2012

Debby Berry is the c_o at SonReign Media and I think we would all agree that we LOVE her! Debby handles the publishing and marketing relationships and a plethora of other non-descript tasks. Debby's favorite Christmas song this year was Joseph by Don Poythress.  Debby writes "...I am overwhelmed by what it took for Joseph to walk his destiny. The faith. The courage. The love. The diligence. The submission behond his human capacity to always make sense of everything. One of the lines in this song calls Joseph the one that God chose to take care of Mary and Himself. wow. It has a country sound and I love the writing. Don Poythress (one of the writers) is the artist on Integrity's release."  Thanks for sharing with us Debby!