I Still Believe Song Story

Featuring Mark Condon Posted on August 10, 2012

Jina McCool was a young pastor's wife from Michigan with two young children who had just lost her husband in his early 30's to Cancer. They had prayed and believed and had congregations and friends all over America praying for Cory McCool her husband. They even had calls from Dodie Osteen from The Lakewood Church in Houston encouraging and praying for them.

This young couple were so sharp and gifted and seemed to have it all together when this tragedy hit their family. Obviously, God had other plans and Cory wound up passing away. Several months later I had gotten a message that she had plans to be at our Live Recording at Turnpoint. Immediately knowing that she was such a gifted singer I begin to write a song that I hoped would share her story. Jina wound up not only singing this song but it has ministered to thousands of people all around the world.

I pray that this song will also encourage you and allow you to know that what ever you are or have gone through you too can Still Believe!