How To Link Your PraiseCharts Account With PlanningCenter

Featuring Planning Center Posted on May 24, 2013

Now you can link your Planning Center and PraiseCharts accounts to export files purchased on PraiseCharts. Any user with Editor permissions or higher in PlanningCenter can link their accounts. This integration is per user, not per account, which means each user who wants to import from PraiseCharts needs to enable the integration for themselves. Once files are imported, they are like any other file and available to other users. Here are the steps to set up the integration from PlanningCenter.  Once this step is complete, you can learn How To Import Your PraiseCharts Files To PlanningCenter.

1. Enable Integration from the Songs tab

Click "enable integration" under PraiseCharts in the Integrations section on the main Song page

2. Enter your PraiseCharts login information

Enter your PraiseCharts Email and Password. If you don't know these, you will need to visit

3. Click OK

Click OK to be taken back to Planning Center where your accounts will now be linked.

4. Accounts Are Linked

You'll now see your own name under "Users with Integration Enabled". To unlink your accounts, click the disable button.

You're now ready to Add PraiseCharts Files to Your Songs! Next, learn How To Import Your PraiseCharts Files To PlanningCenter.