How To Import Your PraiseCharts Files To PlanningCenter

Featuring Planning Center Posted on May 24, 2013

Once you have a link established between PlanningCenter and PraiseCharts, can you add PDFs and Audio Files from PraiseCharts directly into your songs. First, learn How To Link Your PraiseCharts Account With PlanningCenter. Then, follow the steps below to start transferring songs.

1. Go to a song arrangement page

From the main Songs tab, click the name of an arrangement. PraiseChart files need to be added to the arrangement, which is shown here in parenthesis "(Default Arrangement)".

2. Click on the 'Add an attachment' button to the left

3. Click on the PraiseCharts tab to import or buy

  • (1) If you have already purchased files for this song, you'll see all related songs at the top.
  • (2) Select the files to import (see the next step for more info) If there are other versions of this song, they'll be listed here, with a link to go to PraiseCharts to purchase them.
  • (3) The results are based on the Song Title. If you have purchased files for a song and they aren't showing up, make sure the song title in Planning Center matches the song title on PraiseCharts.

4. Choose Options

Everything you have purchased for this PraiseCharts song will be selectable to import. Check the boxes for each file you want to import and then click the import button.

  • Chord Chart + → Lyrics & Chords: If you buy the Chord Chart + File from PraiseCharts, you can check this box to import that TEXT into Planning Center's Lyrics & Chords box. Planning Center will then allow you to edit the text and can even transpose the file for any key you add. If you would rather have an non-editable PDF of the Chord Chart + File in a specific key, you can choose that check box under the specific key you want.
  • Arrangement Files / Key Files: Many files listed in the Arrangement Files section include multiple keys. For example, many MP3 files come with Regular, High and Low versions. During the Import process, Planning Center will import all available keys as separate files attached to the arrangement. Many PDF files will still import as ONE PDF that include MANY keys in the one file. PraiseCharts is in the process of converting their database to allow us to give you separate files for each key, and those should become available as they process them. See the next section for an example of this.
  • Orchestration (All Parts) / Orchestration Key: Orchestration (All Parts) under the Arrangement Files section is ONE PDF with all Instrument parts included. Instead, you can often choose "Orchestration" under a specific key that is available and it will just get the Orchestration in that key and split all the instruments into their own files!

6. Import Your Selections

After you've chosen your files, click the import button.

7. Wait For the Import to Complete

A yellow bar will appear at the top of the arrangement page as Planning Center imports the files from PraiseCharts. Files that include other files in multiple keys, take a little longer since the individual files have to be separated out.

If you chose "Chord Chart + → Lyrics & Chords" you'll see lyrics and chord charts for any keys you've added to the arrangement. Click "Edit lyrics & chords" to edit them. Any other files will show up under Arrangement Files or Key files.