Hillsong Launches Resources For Small Groups

Featuring Hillsong Worship Posted on October 21, 2012

While Australia’s Hillsong Church is rapidly expanding across the planet, its ministry focus has never wavered from the vision of “championing the cause of the local church”.

Best known for its music, Hillsong also produces resources for church leaders and now - in a world-first - they are providing a range of small group studies completely free of charge.

Inspired by the impact of its new album Cornerstone, with its theme of ‘Christ alone’, the church has created the studies with the same focus.

Hillsong Live singer Reuben Morgan revealed that the new studies are based on helping Christians hold fast to God as life’s anchor, as only He is strong enough to hold us.

“When we are pushed to our limit, there is only one source of hope, there is only one cornerstone,” he said.

The studies are based on the songs from the Cornerstone album and are available for download by anyone or any church.

“Churches can use them to help bring people deeper into worship and reliance on God. Individuals can download them for personal study and devotions,” Morgan explained.

“This is about inspiring people, challenging them and facilitating discussion so we better understand the need to put Christ at the very centre of everything.”

Hillsong’s senior pastor Brian Houston said he was thrilled to help resource churches across the world that do such great work for the Kingdom.

“We hope that by providing these studies at no charge we can bless local churches everywhere.”

The ‘Cornerstone’ small group studies from Hillsong Church are available for free download at WorshipTraining. The Cornerstone album was released in July and immediately topped Christian music charts world-wide.