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Featuring Hillsong Worship Posted on August 6, 2012

As a worship leader who doesn't play an instrument, what are the most helpful things from a music director and musicians?

1. Understand that we don’t know what keys work and don’t work, so help us by explaining and being open to making it work either way.

2. I love a music director that takes initiative! It’s much easier to pull you back if you’re doing too much then have to turn around in the middle of a set and ask for more help.

3. Just have a general attitude of trying to help the worship leader go where they want to, rather than be stuck in the way you think is best. That way you give the worship leader confidence that you’re behind them and everyone gets a better result!

What are a few paractical tips you have for crafting worhip service in different contests?

Always start with the end. Have an end goal/place that you want to end up and work backwards to achieve that goal. Be purposeful and plan as much as you can to achieve that goal. For example, be very mindful of the kind of atmosphere you want to create and remember what works to build a great atmosphere in a room of 1,000 doesn’t always work in a room of 100. Also, don’t be afraid to try something different. In fact, it’s a must.

Most interesting/awkward moment on stage?

Ok, I have hundreds of stories, from jumping off the drums and landing on my youth pastor and breaking his leg! To falling off stage and starting a song in the wrong key but probably the most embarrassing of them all was when I split my jeans to the point that they were not really purposeful... Oh well...

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