Help Us Design Our New Playlist Module

Featuring PraiseCharts Posted on June 27, 2011

Behind the scenes, we are working on a new module for PraiseCharts and WorshipVue to allow building, sharing and modifying worship service designs and playlists.  With the playlists, you will be able to see songs, movies, images, scriptures, prayers and more all woven together in a progressive flow.  You will be able to browse hundreds of worship services that others have designed, find ones that apply to you, copy them to your account, and then modify them to suit your unique worship style.  After you have done all the hard work of designing a worship service, you will be able to share those designs with people in your church, people around your church, and people all over the world who can use the help.


We need your help so that we can design the functionality of our new system to fit with how you already design worship services.  If you would like to help, please send us a few samples of your worship service plans.  Select ones that are simple and complex, reflecting different seasons and different kinds of worship services.  Just email them as attachments to ryan@praisecharts.com.  We'll collet them all together and use that for perspective as we develop our own worship design module inside PraiseCharts.


Don't worry if you are already using another Worship Planning software.  We are planning to build something that can integrate with other worship planning services.  Other worship planning services may have great planning tools, but no products to offer.  We have the products, but no planning tool.  So, we are looking for a creative way to build a better bridge between those two worlds.


Here is one of our early design wireframes:












Thanks for your help as we continue to improve our system.