Don't Be A Thug- Is Your Wireless Equipment Breaking The Law?

Featuring Loops In Worship Posted on June 19, 2010

Tomorrow some of us may be breaking the law. Tomorrow some of our churches may be full of illegal goods.  Shame on you for harboring this illegal contraband!  No, I’m not talking about something harmful…I’m talking about nothing other then our loved and cherished…wireless gear!  Yep, that’s right, after tomorrow if you have any wireless gear transmitting in the 700 MHz range, you’re right up there with Al Capone and the worst of them.  So if you’re unsure about your gear check out the manufacturer’s  website.  Here a great page from Sennheiser’s website on some of their gear that’s in the range.  They are even offering a rebate to trade in your old 700 MHz gear for a rebate when purchasing new Sennheiser gear.  You can even turn in non-Sennheiser gear as well!  So don’t be a thug tomorrow!  Make sure your gear is legal!