Featuring Darlene Zschech Posted on March 10, 2010

So lets talk about COMMUNICATION... what’s NOT to say??

Try sustaining a marriage without communication, doesn’t work for long. Try raising your children without communication, you end up leaving all their value forming years up to whoever the loudest voice is in their world, sometimes this even ends up being the television. Try growing an alive and sustaining relationship with God without communication and prayer... you’ll end up feeling like heaven is very silent.

Smooth transitions are always dependant on thoughtful process, and thoughtful

If you read Deuteronomy 33, it’s the story of Moses’ last days, and when he rea- lises that this will be the last time he gets to speak over the people he has led for so long, he speaks absolute blessing from his heart over the children of Israel and from verse 6, he starts naming each of the tribes, and spends his last moments on earth pouring himself into the future, speaking the Word of God and the heart of a father over every one of them. He did not hold anything back, but loved God and people right to the end.

Leadership is about example, vision, hope, AND LEGACY, and not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. Moses was so very loved, and after he died in the land of Moab, the people wept for Moses for thirty days.
Remember when I said I had talked to the team about their dreams and goals for their lives? It was after that time that I was truly motivated to start lifting my own speech, to raise the bar higher, as what used to be impossible when I first started was now quite possible and I hadn’t made the inner adjustment and neither had many of our team. I think this is why sometimes you NEED to almost shake out the old, because if they won’t recognise or embrace the new it is very hard for change to come.

But as one Christian leader said to me... ‘Good on you Darls... Better you making the changes than having them done to you!!’. Amen to that!!

And so we, very much ‘on purpose’ as leaders, started lifting our own language and speaking with more energy to solutions rather just than the problems, and speaking about leading nations rather than just our own communities. We started speaking about seeing miracles, not just dreaming about them as a ‘one day’ con- cept, we started disciplining ourselves to live with renewed vigour and passion with whatever it was that was in our hands.

I have got to say that it didn’t take long for the atmosphere over not just our team but each of us individually to start to lift, and it was SO infectious!!

We still live in the fruit of this decision today... but the fun part is that those coming into this environment notice it, embrace it (as it is stimulating), and adopt it as their own way forward.

I have heard great testimonies since that time, of people like myself, who made a decision to challenge what had become the acceptable way, and start dreaming again of what could be.

One of the great advantages of this mindset, is that it definitely gives you inner strength to launch into some brave and unchartered waters. But that is what the Word of God is full of, great stories of ordinary men and women who knew their own inadequacies but believed for something greater – actually believing in that still small voice you hear at times saying YOU CAN DO IT even when all evidence may say otherwise.

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