The Encouragement of Generosity

Featuring Darlene Zschech Posted on March 13, 2010

Generosity is also another stance you should adopt as again, the encouragement received from a simple act of generosity is far-reaching and definitely stirs greatness in a spiritual realm.

I was recently admiring one of the young musician’s new guitar, it was incredible, and very expensive I might add. He was treating it like it was his own child, and it obviously meant a lot to him. I made a comment to him that he must have worked and saved hard for it, but with tears in his eyes he told me about one of the other guys in the team who simply gave him this guitar, as a way to encourage him in his deep desire to play and write songs that would truly grip the human soul... a beautiful, costly act of generosity, that resourced a stunning moment of encouragement that will leave a lasting legacy.

I have a very dear friend who years ago, through simply praying God’s will for her life, ended up receiving an instruction from heaven that found her calling me one day to say that she had a gift for me and needed me to receive it ASAP!

I was quite intrigued, and could not believe it when she told me that she needed to give me her grand piano. I was shocked, and so, so excited, as I had been praying for a piano that I could write and worship from (I DID NOT ask for a grand, and am still very humbled by this act of generosity).

I SO did not expect an extravagant gift like this, but WOW, the encouragement I received that day and to this!

That piano sits in the middle of our lounge room today, it is in the heart of our home, and every time I see it, play it, hear my children play it, I am so inspired that the God of heaven and earth heard my simple prayers and honoured them, AND heard my girlfriend’s prayers and honoured her with SO much more than a piano. You see, encouragement is active, not passive, and SO illuminating for both the giver and the receiver.

1 Cor 8:1, ‘Yet mere knowledge causes people to be puffed up (to bear them- selves loftily and to be proud), but LOVE, (affection and goodwill and benevolence) edifies and builds up and encourages one to grow to his full stature.’ (AMP)

One of the most encouraging pastors that I have ever had the privilege to meet is Pastor Tommy Barnett from Phoenix First Assembly in Phoenix USA. As church Pastor and church planter and Founder of the Dream Centre, his own church is known as ‘The Church with a Heart’, and its reputation is well earned.

Joyce Meyer always says that apart from her husband, if there was one extra person who she would love to have travel with her all the time it would be Pastor Tommy, because of his ability to ENCOURAGE.

He has stood in many a meeting as I have led the worship, and afterward will come up and just pour words of life out over you, literally leaving you feeling like you could do anything! And the amazing thing is, he lives like this everyday... to every person he meets, his children, his staff, those he personally leads, those he mentors. He does not reserve his encouraging words for Sundays or for those who could reciprocate with favours. No, this man’s life is defined through encouragement. I actually asked him a couple of questions about raising up another genera- tion and these were his answers:

What would you say was your greatest joy in ministry?

Seeing my children serving God and all three working with me in the ministry!

What would be your biggest frustration when training younger ministers?

Wanting it all NOW! Not enjoying the “journey”.

What would be the ONE THING you would want a younger pastor/ leader to take into his future in serving God?

That living a righteous life is the number one priority. Because righteousness and provision for the vision go together. “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added.”

In your opinion, what would be the main obstacle that takes young men and women out of the ministry?

Discouragement! And they give up too quickly!

With your own children, what has been the most important value you have shown them in life as far as serving God and all that this means?

Keep your eyes on God and then the God-given vision for their lives. Men at best are just men. But GOD never fails!!!

Thanks Pastor Tommy.

Where there has been a huge lack of encouraging words spoken over you in your lifetime, you need to learn how to

BUILD YOURSELF UP with the Word of God, and not just wait for everyone else to come and lift your spirits.

Even if you are in a tough or dry kind of season in life, STIR YOURSELF UP.

Position words of life wherever you spend time, so that even if you don’t FEEL like getting happy, you cannot avoid it.

One of my dear girlfriends who lost her first child surrounded herself with scripture and promise, and played loud worship music until the neighbours almost moved out!! She didn’t FEEL like reading words of life, but was obedient to the Word of God anyway, and we all watched as the heart of this great woman was tended tooh so carefully by the Master Shepherd Himself... and she has emerged with grace and dignity, just as the Bible declares.

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