Churches in the Business of Music?

Posted on April 2, 2008

A growing number of churches today have developed creative and innovative worship programs and are blessed with a community of worship artisans—singers, musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors, etc.  Nurturing, encouraging and developing these artisans often leads to church leaders considering the next step of managing or administering their original works of authorship (copyrights).  CCA has a comprehensive publishing reference book entitled, “NOW THAT YOU'RE A MUSIC PUBLISHER A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to the Role and Responsibilities of the Christian Song Publisher.” If your church is interested in the business elements of music publishing companies and recording labels, you can find out more by calling 251-929-2411 or visit here. If you’re establishing a new music business, I suggest you develop a mission statement, goals, objectives, and a business plan for your publishing group.  For example, one major Christian music administration company created the following mission statement:


In addition, the accessibility of new technology makes it much easier for churches and ministries to produce their own high quality recordings. Of course, several major praise and worship labels, such as Hillsong, Mercy/Vineyard and Maranatha! Music, originally grew out of successful church ministries and programs. Praise and worship music, in particular, is a natural expression of a healthy, vibrant church worshiping community. If a church or ministry decides to create a publishing company or record label, however, it is important to count the cost and carefully consider the complexities and responsibilities of their business, as well as ministry commitment.


 "To promote, protect and collect and disburse royalties worldwide for the copyrights that we own and/or administer."


TO COLLECT means to collect the appropriate and accurate royalty earnings in an efficient and timely manner.

TO DISBURSE means to pay out royalty revenues to all parties legally due to receive royalties on the song.

In a nutshell, the publisher's job is "to promote, protect and collect and disburse royalties for the copyrights the publisher owns and/or controls.”

TO PROMOTE means to exploit or promote the use of the song through as many means possible to extend and promote the life of the song.

 There’s a lot more to say about diving into the business of publishing and recording, and I’ll continue this conversation in my next posting. I expect I’ll have some new ideas, questions and thoughts after spending time with the Florida church leadership. What do you think about the subject?

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