As the King enters the room a very reverent hush fills the air

Featuring Dennis Jernigan Posted on February 22, 2010

“…As the King enters the room a very reverent hush fills the air…”

We have all seen movies in which a certain character like King Arthur enters the room. The knights and all the royal court grow silent and bow or curtsy in reverence. Can you imagine what that might be like – to finally see the one who ruled your kingdom -the one you had heard wonderful things about but had never really seen up close? Having grown up in a Christian home, I had heard many wonderful things about the King, Jesus, but had never truly experienced His presence and power in my life. The day the King entered the room of my heart I was awestruck. Here was the One I had heard about for so long…and His very real love and concern for my life was truly overwhelming. As He entered, the lies of the Enemy suddenly grew quiet…and I suddenly had the power (granted by the King) to choose to follow Him. It was such an awe-filled moment in my life when I realized the King had granted me the power to choose my own destiny. Out of sheer reverence I follow the One Who would love me right where I was…but did not leave me there.

Today, allow the Lord to show you awe-inspiring moments of His majestic presence in your life…then give Him reverent thanks.
For the LORD is a great God

And a great King above all gods,
In whose hand are the depths of the earth…
Psalm 95:3-4 NASB