A Songwriter’s Last Song

Featuring John Telman Posted on May 14, 2009

King Solomon wrote over one thousand songs (1 Kings 4:32).  Greater yet, for shear volume, Charles Wesley wrote over seven thousand. Do you know what their last songs were?

If you’re a songwriter, have you ever wondered what your last song will be about? Would it be full of praise at God’s faithfulness? Would it be about God?  Each of us writes a song with our lives. It could be one that celebrates the greatness of God. No matter what challenges come, our lives can sing God’s peace, joy, and majesty.  King David, Solomon’s father and a greater songwriter is his own right, had an intimate relationship with God. We have his final song recorded in 2 Samuel 23:2-7.

But, more than the full content of the song, which is wonderful, I want to draw your attention to the credits. He tells us that it was the “Spirit of God” spoke through him.  David gave the credit to God.

“His word was on my tongue.” (2 Sam. 23:2) What a wonderful admission. In humility, he did not take credit for writing the beautiful Psalm 23, the powerful Psalm 103, Psalm 27, 34, 145 or any others.

Yes, it is wonderful to hear people singing a song that we penned, but we must guard our hearts from pride. God is the all-knowing and wise one who uses us to express his message. Let's celebrate God like David did by focusing on him and not on how clever we can be.

When the last stanza of the song of our lives is written, I pray that others will see that God spoke through us in his greatness and that we bowed in utter gratefulness for being used by him.

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