Our Team

Behind PraiseCharts is a team of musicians, worship leaders and worshipers who have a desire to unleash contemporary worship music to churches all over the world using the Internet. Since 1998, we have welcomed more than 100,000 musicians and worship leaders from around the world to our list of users. PraiseCharts has also developed a growing relationship with some of the major publishers like Integrity Music, Hillsong, Word Music, Worship Together and Brentwood-Benson. On that foundation, they have built a network of arrangers who know the songs you want to sing, and know-how to arrange them so they are playable by church musicians and singable by active congregations.

  • Cory Alstad (Producer) - Cory is the Worship Pastor at North Langley Community Church in Langley, BC, as well as one of the audio track producers (Multi, Band, Click and Rhythm tracks, Reason Files) for PraiseCharts. Cory has been involved in the music world professionally for over 12 years. He is an accomplished keyboardist as well as a writer and arranger and has had his music featured on both national television and radio.

  • David Bauer (Managing Producer)- David Bauer has been serving the church as a worship artist for over 20 years.  He is an innovative worship leader, arranger, composer and audio production engineer.  David has been with the PraiseCharts team since 2004 and manages the audio production team which produces our Multi Tracks, Band Tracks, Click Tracks & Rhythm Tracks. David lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Gail and two adorable daughters.

  • Tabitha Culbertson (Customer Support Specialist) - Ready to help whenever a customer has a need, Tabitha has worked for PraiseCharts since 2014. Tabitha lives in Fremont, Ohio with her husband Matt and their two home-schooled sons. She plays drums on the music team at church and enjoys bike rides, spending time with her family, and scrapbooking.
  • Isaiah Dahl (Product & Design Manager) - Isaiah brings a fresh, design and technical edge to our team. He acts as the liaison with our programming and design team, propelling PraiseCharts into the future.

  • Ryan Dahl (Founder/CEO) - Since 1994, Ryan has served at several churches in the area of Worship and Creative Arts. These include North Langley Community Church in Langley, BC, Pacific Rim Church in Langley, BC, and, Sequoia Community Church in Ottawa, Ontario. Ryan now lives in Langley, BC with his wife and 4 children, where he is currently dedicating his energies to the further development of PraiseCharts. 

  • Natasha Fogg (Business Manager) - Natasha manages the day to day business needs of PraiseCharts and also serves as the Customer Support Manager, answering emails and phone calls since 2000. She and the rest of the customer support team give PraiseCharts the personal touch, making sure that your needs are looked after, and your questions are answered.  Aside from PraiseCharts, Natasha offers faithful support to her husband Tom, a pastor.

  • Dan Galbraith (Lead Orchestrator) - Dan is a veteran arranger, orchestrator, engraver, keyboardist, and trombonist. He has over 20 years of experience directing church orchestras, worship teams, and praise bands, as well as a collegiate jazz band and contemporary vocal group. Currently, he serves as a full-time arranger, producer, lead editor and “Finale guy” for PraiseCharts. Dan lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and their four beautiful kids.

  • Shelly Peterman (Content Administrator) - Shelly joined the PraiseCharts team in 2009 and works as Site Manager for our sister site, WorshipTraining. She has actively participated in children’s and student ministries for over 25 years while also serving in various administrative, supportive, and educational roles within the local church. Shelly is the mother of one and resides in NE Arkansas with her husband.

  • Kristin Pue (Chord Charter) - Kristin lives in Langley, BC with her wonderful husband, Jason, and their 2 boys. She taught preschool for 4 years and then joined the PraiseCharts team to stay home with her sons, though she is now back in the preschool world. She cherishes time spent with her family and friends and looks forward to all that God has in store for her.

  • Charlene Witt (Production Manager) - Charlene Witt is the Copyright Administration, Distribution & Chart Production Manager at PraiseCharts. She currently resides in Langley, BC, Canada.  Charlene is a mom of two beautiful children and is happily married to her best friend Kurtis. She is a singer and a worshiper at heart.