Our Culture

PraiseCharts began in the heart of a worship leader with a desire to serve and resource other worship leaders.  Over the years, we have come to realize that we simply do not fit the box. We’re not your typical internet company – and we’re not your typical music publishing company. We are a full functioning business, but the end result is ministry.  There are many words that describe the culture of PraiseCharts and the heart of its people:

1. We Work Virtually

The norm of “going to work” never penetrated PraiseCharts.  We don’t go to work; work goes with us. Our work is our passion, our gift, our joy and a reflection of God’s Plan and our destiny.  In the new virtual world, many people have the freedom to work when and where they desire to work. PraiseCharts has adapted to that virtual landscape. PraiseCharts “offices” are anywhere the PraiseCharts people happen to be…a local coffee shop, a cabin on a lake, an office at home, in the studio or at the airport. Look around. You just might see one of us.

2. We Service Niche Audiences

Our customers run the gamut of traditional liturgy churches to free-spirited charismatics – with everything between the two! In that broad spectrum, we find a wide range of musical tastes and resource needs. You’ll be seeing the resources of PraiseCharts expand to meet more of those needs and tastes. The future of PraiseCharts includes finding more ways to serve the clusters of niche worship genres more fully while continuing to offer the standards and new releases from the worship artists, labels and publishers that represent the mainstream of the worship world.

3. We Care About The Message

Just as there is diversity in our customer base, there is diversity in the PraiseCharts family, too.  We tend not to focus on how we differ, but instead, to make sure that we have the most important things in common.  Our goal isn’t to define what works in your worship settings or what is correct theology in your circles. It is to offer a variety of music for you to choose from that honors that common ground of God as Father and Jesus as Lord and Savior.  For more information on our theological foundation, see our Statement Of Faith.

4. We Fan Your Flame

We cannot find the concept of competition in scripture. We find instruction on excellence, the work of our hands, serving others, preferring others and much about how we are to love and treat each other. We are committed to doing business in a way that is congruent with what we find in the Word. You will see that we promote products and services of companies that many would define as our competition. We just don’t see it that way. We’re all working together to further the Kingdom of God. So how can we fan your flame?

5. We Innovate Constantly

How does a company grow in the midst of a world-wide economic crisis?  Innovation.  We are not what we were yesterday, and we are not what we will become tomorrow.  We have a culture of innovation that inspires us to dream, create, implement, test, adjust, and then dream again.  As long as God is an active create, we will embrace innovation.

6. We Do The God-Walk

We are a for-profit company, aspiring to do business in a way that honors God and reflects the culture of His Kingdom.  We bring our faith into the marketplace and operate our business like it was a ministry.

7. We Think Small And Dream Big

The digital age has leveled the playing field for business.  Success is no longer leveraged by the size of your staff or the size of your bank account.  Grass roots innovation can win the affection of customers, often at a very low cost.

8. We Put Family First

We have built the business around our families, and not vice versa.  The prize at the end is the legacy we all pass on to the next generation. Many people on our team live in families with complex needs: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The priority for PraiseCharts is that you are there for your family first.

9. We Are Building A Platform

Fundamentally, PraiseCharts is not about creating a product, but building a platform.  The platform is a level playing field on which publishers and artists can stand and be found.

10. We Embrace Co-opetition

Co-opetition occurs at the fusion between competition and cooperation.  We believe that the best way to thrive in the world of Christian music publishing is to not let competition get in the way of cooperation.  We all share the common goal in fanning the flame of God's glory.  Our gain does not require your loss.  Simply stated, we strive to be the best that we can be, and then let the customer decide with freedom in choice.

11. We Advertise Through Relationships

Our marketing strategy does not heavily rely on traditional advertising models.  Rather, we build solid, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of people who share our same heart in business and ministry.  We also depend heavily on satisfied customers.  A satisfied customer cannot be bought, only served.  When they are served well, with quality resources, they tell all their friends.  That is the main story of how PraiseCharts has grown since the beginning.

12. We Think Small And Dream Big

The digital age has leveled the playing field for business.  Success is no longer leveraged by the size of your staff or the size of your bank account.  Grass roots innovation can win the affection of customers, often at a very low cost.