Working With Tomasz Jasinski

Featuring Brad Henderson Posted on November 24, 2008

In fall of 2007, I received an email from a customer in Poland. He had used some of our charts and was curious about the chances of PraiseCharts writing arrangements of his original music. He sent me a few audio demos of worship tunes he had written and though they were in the Polish language, which I don't speak, I could still clearly understand his heart and love for God. We swapped emails for several more months and he began penning translations to each song so I could get a better grasp on the focus of the tune in question.

One thing led to another, as often happens in these situations and we came up with the idea he should make a CD AND come to Oklahoma to record a English version of that CD. So...last month, Tomasz Jasinski visited the USA for the first time. Of all the scenic, historic, vibrant places he could have experienced here in this great country, he stayed in Oklahoma! He stayed in our spare bedroom and we lived life together in the studio, literally for 10 days. Translating songs from Polish to English proved challenging and though his English is wonderfully fluent, we worked several days on phrasing, how could we better say this, that kind of stuff.

Our praise team learned one of his songs while he was here and he led us in that on a Sunday morning. God moved! My friend Steve took Tomasz out for a spin in his little red Miata convertible. We sampled every possible food, things he couldn't get back home, and tried to explain American football.  It turns out that not only does Tomasz write great music, he's a wonderful cook as well. What a blast and what a blessing!

As is the case with many worship CDs, not everything we recorded has corporate worship written all over it, but I was surprised to find myself drawn into using in our own services several of the ten tunes we recorded. 

Tomasz wrote this about his experience:

"There are some things in life that make me speechless...Recording experience with Brad was definitely one of them! If you are looking for outstanding musical skills and affordable recording service but also for Christ-like heart and character - there's no better place to go! Thank you Brad! This was my real honor and pleasure to meet you and to have this project done with you, God bless!" - Tomasz Jasinski

No, Tomasz, the honor was ours!

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