What And Who Are You Desiring As You Worship?

Featuring Darlene Zschech Posted on May 24, 2011

Mark and I and the family have just returned from what would have to be one of the best holidays we can remember. We spent it at the beach where we grew up, surrounded by friends from way back, many who are in ministry and have been for a long time...
...and the conversation was so rich and inspiring, we left feeling refreshed and so hungry for what God has in store for this season. When the conversation turned to worship, the upside of the comments were that overall, many pastors were feeling so well supported musically, their teams were growing, it seemed from what I was hearing is that the standard of what was coming from platforms all over the country has vastly improved over the last couple of years. But then there was a moment when one dear man said ' Oh, but just to sense the presence of Jesus, that is what I am longing for. I would rather have something less sophisticated if it means finding worshippers to lead us into the Holy Place, not just great players.'

Wow...I have pondered that thought since coming home.. and I guess as a pastor and a leader of worship, I sense the responsibility, like many others leaders around the globe, to keep speaking it out.. that JESUS must be our goal, our focus, and the One we are living to please and serve as we worship. Not complicated, but simply committed our focus clean and clear. A statement that I read in Bill Johnsons book ' Face to Face with God' said of Moses.. 'Moses preferred the wilderness with God, than to enter the promised land without God'. As he said in Ex 33:15 ' If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here..'.

So there you have it... what and who are you desiring as you worship?  Whether what we do actually IS worship is up to us.. for it is about the heart, its agenda and passions.  I pray that every single day, our devotion to His song, this glorious anthem that stretches into the eternal would be refined in us as we learn to live in His power, covered by His grace, forever and ever... AMEN.

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