"We Fall Down" - A Worship Classic

Featuring Dan Galbraith Posted on June 3, 2008

As we are filling in the "back catalog" with some of the new standards, I was very pleased for the opportunity to revisit the song, "We Fall Down", which has personal significance to me.  Back in 1998, I was driving in my car listening to the original Passion: Live Worship From the 268 Generation CD.  It was one of the freshest sounds I had heard in a long time, having spent a few years in music ministry at that point.  The Lord used this album, and the song, "We Fall Down",  in particular to rejuvenate my worship life in a real way.  Another album which had a similar impact on me was Hillsongs' new album (at the time), "By Your Side", with great songs such as "Great In Power", "My Redeemer Lives", and "Dwelling Places."  And just recently, now ten years later, Tommy Walker's, "Break Through" has done it all over again with the song, "We Will Remember!"

I hope that you can use this arrangement of, "We Fall Down", based on the original Passion track, in your song rotation.  Let's not forget those trend setting albums over the years that blessed us with anointed songs, destined to become classics!