The Story Behind the Song Lord Have Mercy

Featuring Eoghan Heaslip Posted on June 27, 2012

Before the Berlin Wall came down, Steve Merkel spent time in Poland ministering with Catholic believers. It was a season that opened his heart to the beauty of liturgy and the richness of our shared faith. When he returned home, he often led worship at his local charismatic church on Sundays and at Catholic services during the week. Along the way, it became clear to Steve that both streams needed the other. So while working on a liturgical worship album for Integrity Music in the late 90's, Steve was inspired to write a “Kyrie for the Common Man.”

“I dropped the bucket down into the well of my life and truly documented the things for which I needed the mercy of the Lord,” says Steve. “‘Lord Have Mercy’ became the musical setting formed from the prayers that came up from that well.”