Paul Baloche on Acoustic Guitars

Featuring Paul Baloche Posted on November 3, 2011

Like every guitar enthusiast, I’ve played, bought, and sold countless guitars through the years.  For a long time, my favorite guitar was an Olson with its amazingly balanced tone. I used it a lot for studio work and still do regularly.  Because Olson’s have become difficult to replace, I’ve shied away from taking it on the road.

About 5 years ago, I was introduced to a McPherson guitar by my friend and fellow worship leader Lenny Leblanc.  I was so amazed by it’s design, craftsmanship, and tone that I began playing one as well.  From the moment I took it on the road I’ve not looked back.  The acoustic resonance combined with LRBaggs electronics blend perfectly and, when playing with a band, cut through the mix exactly where you’d want it too.

Specs :

MG 3.5 with Engelmann Spruce top and Indian Rosewood sides and back

LR Baggs transducer pick-up

Thoughts on buying a guitar:

There are many variables that come into play when selecting a guitar.  This makes it impossible to recommend a particular model to anyone.  Here are some general recommendations when it comes to shopping for your next guitar:

  • Save as much money as you can and be prepared to spend a significant sum on an excellent instrument.
  • Visit a guitar store with a large selection of brand name guitars (Martin, Taylor, Epiphone, Gibson, etc.) such as Guitar Center or a well stocked music store in your area.  Plan on spending at least a couple of hours there (more like an afternoon), and try several different models.  Compare as many models and styles as you can.
  • Important: bring a friend along who has a “good ear”, a music teacher or professional musician, someone who can give you an objective and intelligent opinion during your selection process.  They may hear nuances that you won’t hear until weeks after you have made your purchase. Listen to their advice.
  • It may be good to go home, think about the different guitars you tried, and return a second time to go through a comparison again. This time, try only the models you have narrowed your search to.  Then make your purchase.

Hope this helps.

PS: If you happen to be in the New York City area, consider visiting the Mandolin Brothers on Staten Island.  Ask for Stan.  Legendary store and an amazing selection, including many McPherson models.

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