Introducing Song Lists

Posted on July 29, 2016

Today we're introducing a long awaited new feature to PraiseCharts: Song Lists. Now you can sort and organize all your songs into various song lists and set lists.  We have kept the functionality very simple, so that you can use it in a variety of ways. Make as many different lists as you want. Wish lists, seasonal favorites, ideas for next Christmas, or even plan your next Sunday worship service. Put any song into any list at any time.  With this new feature, here are some of the new design elements you'll find in PraiseCharts:

1. New Icons For Set Lists and Products

Now, the three main icons are the plus sign (to add the song to your Favorites, Wish List, and any other Song List you want), the play button (to play an audio preview of the song, and the product button (showing you all the charts and tracks that are available).

songlist 09

2. Add to Song List

When you click the + sign, simply click on any previously created song list, or create a new one. A check mark will indicate that the song is added to your list.

songlist 01

3. View All Song Lists

You'll find easy access to all your song lists at the bottom of the pop out.  

songlist 08

4. My Song Lists

The Song Lists page is automatically sorted from top to bottom according to the most recently edited song list.

 songlist 10

5. Managing Songs In The Song List

Click on any list to get yourself to the Song List page, where you can manage the songs, sort them, and edit the finer details.

songlist 03

7. Edit Song Details

The two icons added next to each song title allow you to EDIT the key, tempo and song details, or DELETE the song from your list.  You can also drag and drop to re-order the list.

songlist 07

Edit the Key, Tempo and Song Details after you click the pencil shaped edit icon.

songlist 04

8. Manage Song List Details

At the top of the song list, you'll find a gear icon that gives you additional options, including printing the song list to a nicely formatted PDF.

songlist 06