In Praise of G3Worship

Featuring G3 Worship Posted on August 14, 2012

We are excited to welcome Kim Noblitt and the G3Worship catalog into PraiseCharts. Read what others are about these great arrangements, now available here.

“All I can say is WOW! I love the G3 product. You have hit on something that meets a need in this industry. In my opinion the g3 philosophy and product will have a dramatic effect on the whole industry in years to come. Thanks for your help in putting on Metro III. Thanks for your product. I am in my office only a few days after Metro New Orleans and I am already using the CD's I purchased from you...can't wait for the next mailing! Thanks Again.” Scott Reeves (Memorial Baptist Church, Pasadena Texas)

“Everything about G3 Worship Music I am very excited about. God has placed the burden on Kim’s heart of developing music resources for ministers of music for the 21st century church. I believe there is a great need for music resources across America and I believe G3 will be a cutting edge tool to raise up a new generation of worshipers.” Todd Bell (Minister of Music, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, TX)

“Since beginning our subscription last spring, I have used something off of every pack, whether with the congregation, choir, praise band, praise team or all four. I have found the hymn arrangements to be a great help in bridging the gap between older and younger worshipers and their style preferences. The arrangements of current praise and worship songs help me to teach the congregation "a new song." All of the vocal and instrumental parts are written in such a way that they are not too difficult for volunteer musicians who maybe have not played or sung for a while, and yet they are very musical and add tremendously to the worship experience. I would recommend G3 to any size church with any size choir, band or orchestra. It has revolutionized the worship time at FBC Perry and I am grateful to you and Robert and the rest of the team for your dedication to this project. This is the most helpful tool to come along in a while. Continue the effort. It is paying huge dividends for the Kingdom.” Rob Lane (Minister of Worship, First Baptist Church Perry, Florida / Vice President, Florida Baptist Singing Men)

“You guys are great! Just to let you know this past Sunday God did an incredible thing through 'You Are My Victory'. Our people are starting to get it and it is such a blessing. Thank you for providing the musical resources that provide a great backdrop for God’s Word to be communicated through song.” Mark Maier (Associate Pastor of Music and Worship, FBC Rogers, AR)

“Please know that your ministry is a blessing…I’m truly amazed at what God is doing with this glorious music that you are placing in the hands of churches. I used G3 for the very first time in my church this past weekend during our harvest day. WOW – did God show up! I had many to comment on the music and I know that it touched a lot of people in our service. Thank you G3 Worship Music!” Jay Parker (Associate Pastor through Music, Faith Baptist Church, Meridian, Mississippi)

“I just want to thank you for the streaming video of Worship Pak #5. It is a wonderful model of a worship experience using the music of our pak. It will be a blessing to our players and singers as I share it with them. We are a new group working hard to blend our worship, add more instruments and discover ways to play and sing together. Our heart is to become wholehearted worshipers and your music has begun to filter into the fabric of our worship. It is such a blessing to sing with the tracks, play along with the tracks (overkill, yes, but it gave us much more confidence and filled out parts we didn't have), and now we are finally beginning to use our own players to accompany some of the most wonderful worship moments our church has known in a long time.

G3 has filled a void that we needed. "Thanks" seems inadequate to express my appreciation for sharing your gifts with our church through the ministry of G3 Worship. I would encourage you to continue with the streaming videos of the G3 paks. They bless and help in many ways.” David Scott (Minister of Music, Southside Baptist Church, Princeton, KY)

“G3worship has given me a whole new resource for worship music. Where were you guys ten years ago when we were looking for contemporary versions of hymns as well as the new praise and worship songs? G3 has taken our choir, orchestra, and congregation to a new level of worship. The arrangements give us all of the new material we need for corporate worship.” Tony Ward (Minister of Music, Concord Baptist Church, Jefferson City, MO)

“I am sitting here worshipping the Lord at my desk as I plan the service music for the next several months. I was so encouraged by the G3 Worship Seminar lead by Larry at Music Atlanta last week, that I have not listened to any other music. I believe the music from G3 Worship will help accomplish the purpose of worship in our church (and in fact for any church!!).

I have used this music for personal Bible study times, Revival music in other churches, funerals, and other special service - but I had not made the transition to use it fully in the Worship Services at FBC. Two reasons: I didn't understand how to use it to the fullest and this church was not ready for it (at that time).

This past Sunday, I had about 20 people in the choir suite sitting and talking while waiting for the other choir members to come in and for the 11AM Worship to start. I put in the "Draw Me Nearer Once Again" CD and the room fell quite. As each members came in, there was a "spirit" of reverence in the room. I believe it prepared us for worship in a different way than ever before.

I said all that to say: Thank you for obeying God's leading with this music resource for our ministries. Untold numbers of people will be transformed by your ministry...“Well done, thou good and faithful servants.” Barry N. Collins (Minister of Music and Community Ministries, First Baptist Church, Gray, GA)

“Kim thank you for writing “His Kingdom Shall Never End.” We did last night and it was great and the Lord saved two people. It was fantastic. I thank the Lord for the heart you have for local church music ministries. Your music is wonderful. Thanks again.” Scott McMillan (Minister of Music, Broad Street Baptist Church, Hawkinsville, Georgia)

“Kim thanks for "His Kingdom Shall Never End". Our choir thoroughly enjoyed it; our congregation has expressed what a great blessing it was to them. The only bad thing about the musical is that it's over. We sensed God's Presence and anointing as we worshipped together. After the service, the choir gathered at our home, and couldn't say enough about the power of this musical.

I look forward to many more musicals and worship events with your creations. Not only was I able to worship (not always easy), but I was able to see the choir's and congregation's enjoyment of the worship.” Chris Weide (Minister of Music, FBC, Opp, Alabama)

“This new G3 Worship Pak is FANTASTIC. I know I'm a little slow and had to have Larry show me a couple of times but now that I"VE GOT IT - WOW - this is the coolest and best worship resource I've seen in years. I even took it to a "senior adult" meeting last week and explained how you could use it in our Churches across the nation in Music Missions and International Mission trips and on senior adult meetings like we were having today - I put up the power point to My Jesus I Love Thee, At Calvary and Brethren We Have Met To Worship - and they burst into applause and said "bro Jim - THAT is great" after we sang.

Then 2 days later - we hosted Joni Erikson Tada for concert on Wednesday night - Her producer wanted me to lead a couple of songs to get things started - I put G3 in and away we went - EASY and everyone sang along - no problem - power point was up and running and I used the tracks and gave my accompanists the night OFF - WOW - they all clapped again.

I"M UP and RUNNING now dudes - KEEP EM COMING - and send me my copy FIRST - before TODD BELL gets his." Jim Van Matre (Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Alabama)

“I recently purchased the Worship Pak and what a pleasant surprise! The material was very impressive. The arrangements were full and supportive of the vocal lines. Every group that has used the arrangements is eager to participate and the chore of coordinating and writing arrangements has been simplified. I have used ALMOST EVERY SONG on the Worship Pak unlike some other companies that we have bought materials from. Thanks for the quality and choice of the worship songs. We will continue to be loyal customer.” Dale Dorman (Minister of Music, Corry Alliance Church, Corry, Pennsylvania)

“I just purchased level 3 of the G3 worship membership and I wanted to let you know that it has been awesome. The vocal arrangements and band parts are great. I can't wait to see the next CD pack. Thank you for being a servant and trying to help the music and worship ministry bring new fresh praise music into our lives.” Brad Martin (Associate Pastor of Music & Worship, Parkway Hills Baptist Church, Plano, Texas)

“WOW! Thanks! We are so excited we've found YOU!” Ted and Judy Oman (TOKYO BAPTIST CHURCH, TOKYO, JAPAN)

“When you told me last May about G3 I got excited about it and knew it would be a required resource in my ministry. But I had no idea just how much it would revolutionize worship at my church. Like most churches, First Baton Rouge is a transitioning church and G3 has made a huge impact in bridging the gap. You must know that your efforts are really making a difference in the ongoing worship wars so many music ministers are fighting by providing a top-notch product with all the supporting elements. What blows me away is that you're not finished. The Finale format add-on is huge and I know you're working on visual elements as well. God Bless you guys for sharing your gifts with the Body of Christ. Lives are being changed one song at a time.” Bob Chambless (Minister of Music and Media, First Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

“ I signed up at MUSICalifornia and started using it last month in our service. What a blessing! We put together a set using AT CALVARY, I MUST TELL JESUS, HERE I AM TO WORSHIP, and WHO CAN SATISFY, using our worship team & brass. It was awesome. We repeated that set this past Sunday PM. It is such a great set and it really works in getting people's hearts focussed on the Lord.

I really appreciate the arrangements of the hymns, the mix of old and new, and the acessibility of the charts. Our team took to the songs and caught on to the arrangements like pros. Thanks for providing this tool to help us lead worship. Keep up the good work in testing and providing on this level. You guys are on to something. Whatever it is, keep doing it. Only one question...when can I expect the the next set of songs?” Tim Schaeffer (Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship Church, Allentown, PA)

“The Worship Paks are great! They are usable and have a wonderful mix of the old and new stuff. This has been a wonderful addition to my ministry. It has given me a lot of new ideas!” Scott McMillan (Minister of Music, Broad Street Baptist Church, Hawkinsville, GA)

“G3 Worship is the resource of the next generation. It combines the latest and greatest technology with great resources for worship. Great new hymn arrangements, powerful worship songs....all at the click of your mouse. I love it, and will use it often.” Buster Pray (Associate pastor of worship, FBC Springdale Arkansas, The church at Pinnacle Hills)

“Thanks G3 for a great, usable, affordable resource. Thanks for chasing after God to not only impact worship services, but the daily worship of the Body of Christ. With the new congregation CD it allows us the opportunity to introduce new songs as people worship at home with their families, in small group settings or just driving down the road. One thing we often face in introducing a new song is that it takes a while for the congregation to catch on. This way when they walk into the worship service they already know the song and it takes the hurdle of unfamiliarity right out of the picture. Most importantly though it encourages the Body of Christ in daily worship, not just a once a week event they go to, but a lifestyle of worship. Thanks G3!” Wayne Bartley (Wedgwood Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX)

“Just wanted you to know that I used one of the arrangements yesterday and it was great. I have already told several of my friends about G3. Looking forward to using more of your music.” Randy Lind (Minister of Music, FBC, Humble, TX)

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in the way that he has. I can't tell you what your ministy is doing to help me fulfill the calling that the Lord has placed on my life. I have already copied sheet music and have worked with my choir and we will use the new worship pak this next Sunday in the morning service.The CD is awesome and I will be able to use every song on it. It was great to meet you and Kim at the J & J conference in San Antonio. We had a great time and the Lord really ministered to my heart. Again, I just needed to say THANK YOU!!!” Billy Powell (Minister of Music, Second Baptist Church, Pasadena, TX)

“I have loaded the cd-rom and we are using the songs in our Sunday Night Worship services. Thanks for your help. This is one of the BEST worship resources I have ever seen.” Tommy Quinn (Minister of Music, Parkway Baptist Church, Natchez, Mississippi)

“I just want you to know God has used your music to touch hearts in a mighty way in our church. We preformed the musical “You Saved Me” last night at our church. It was awesome! God worked through the music and we had a young lady pray and received Christ. Everyone there was touched by the music. Our church, like many others, has gone through the fire over the issue of contemporary vs. traditional. This was a giant step in the right direction for us. Keep up the good work.” Mark Clements (Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Bartlesville, OK)

“Just wanted to touch base and tell you how excited I am about the first G3 packet... When you and Kim told us about it this summer, I knew it would be a top-notch product, but I wondered would it work for those of us serving "in the trenches". When I opened it last week, I immediately sat down and started playing the songs and reading the scores.

WOW! It hits us right where we live. I can't tell you how exciting it is finally to have orchestrations for some of the songs we've already been using in our services. (By the way, "Forever" is really hot-- give Robert a pat on the back from me.) The updated hymn arrangements are always attractive to me as well.

On another note (no pun intended), the convenience of file storage and retrieval from the CD Rom is a great format. We print a set of each original as we use it and then archive the disc for any future needs. Thanks for a great resource! I look forward to your next set.” Jon Hollan (Minister of Music, Hampton Road Baptist Church, Desoto, TX)

“I am very excited about G3’s resources that assist me in my weekly development of our worship services. To have a resource at my fingertips that is helping me build a library of professional studio production songs that are usable, doable, and cutting edge arrangements of music that I need in every service is invaluable. I can’t wait for the next subscription of songs so we can mold them right into the last ones. It is apparent that this music is from a minister of music who knows the struggles of developing exciting, fresh, music that the whole church can sing and enjoy. The phrase G3 uses, “music from the church for the church” is a very true statement.” Doug Bromley (Minister of Music, Centreville Baptist Church, Centreville, Virginia)