Imagine A Cure

Featuring Bart Millard Posted on April 23, 2008

Imagine a CureOur first sessions at GMA this morning featured a number of artists sharing a more personal side of their lives.  On the podium was Bart Millard, lead singer of Mercy Me.  He was asked who is one individual he looked up to, and without flinching, Bart said it was his 6 year old son.  His son suffers from Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes.  They have to check his blood sugar more than 20x a day.  Bart was sharing how they have started this organization called Imagine A Cure to try to find a cure for his son.  But his son, of all people, didn't want the organization to be just about him, knowing that there are many other kids in the world who need cures for other diseases.  A little stunned, and somewhat humbled, Bart shifted the focus of Imagine A Cure to be more general than just Type 1 Diabetes.

Bart is amazing.  He is the real deal.  How do you know?  If not by him, you can always tell by the quality of the generation that follows him.  I wanna be a dad like that!