How To Use The Nashville Number System With ChordShark

Featuring Dan Wilt Posted on January 16, 2012

You've probably had the experience- you're in the middle of a rehearsal, and you need to change the key of that song.  "Should I or shouldn't I?" you silently ask yourself. You must. You simply must.  So, sheepishly you suggest that the song must be put into a different key.

 Three things inevitably happen at this point:

  1. The professional musicians smile, and turn their chart over. They think they can just play it by ear. But you changed some of the chords from what they might "intuit" should happen next in the verse. Trainwreck.
  2. The able musicians, who are not professionals, drop their jaws, grab their pens and frantically begin to scratch out the old chords in the old key to replace them with the new chords. They use their fingers to count out loud to figure out which chord comes next.
  3. The inexperienced musicians just sit down, cry, and occasionally glare up at you for changing the key.

There is a better way, and it's called The Nashville Number System (NNS).















WorshipTraining has a new 7-minute Video and PDF Nashville Number System Tool with which you can now train your band for those harrowing moments.  No more crying from the newbie – once you learn the Nashville Number System, there will be only hugs and joy when you change that key.

See the Nashville Number System (NNS) Video and PDF Tool and don't miss how ChordShark can change your favorite songs into NNS charts.