How Do You Live A “Lifestyle” of Worship?

Featuring Kevin Pledger Posted on June 5, 2008

I’ve heard several worship leaders and authors use the phrase, “Worship is a lifestyle, not an event.”  The first time I read that, I thought, “Yeah!  Right on!  I agree with that one!”  But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I wondered how I could apply that to me.  What is a “lifestyle” of worship?

Not long after that, I was doing a study on the life of King David.  This particular day’s study was on more of Saul and Samuel than David giving some background information.  I came across the passage in 1 Samuel 15, where Saul has been disobedient and has brought back spoils from a battle.  God had said to kill everything and bring back no spoils!

Enter Samuel.  See him in your mind as he walks up to Saul and hears the cattle and sheep in the background that Saul has taken from battle.  He inquires of Saul as to the meaning of this; surely already knowing the answer.  Saul tries to backpedal and says that all of this is to sacrifice to the Lord “your God.”  (I find it interesting that Saul never said, “the Lord, my God” or “the Lord, our God.”)  Samuel comes back with the statement that opened my eyes wide to the truth of God’s Word.  He said, “To obey is better than sacrifice…”

God showed me that my lifestyle of worship is to be a lifestyle of obedience!  Before God wants our songs, before He wants our church attendance, before He wants our time preparing worship sets, or scheduling band members – before any of that, He wants our heart!  He wants to know that we have His will at the forefront.  Unless this priority is straight, our acts of worship carry a hollow ring.  They are void of what should be the essence of worship – a surrendered obedient heart to the Maker of the universe.  This is what He desires first.

Seek His kingdom first, then everything else is added to us.  Paul said that we are to be a “living sacrifice,” and that this is our reasonable form of spiritual worship.  Worship in its purest form – obedience.